Test drive: 2022 Toyota Sienna Woodland leans on rugged style

Although Toyota has created many new features for the 2022 Toyota Sienna Woodland, such as all-wheel drive and a tow hitch receiver, these standard additions come with their own issues.

The Toyota Sienna's TCC Rating dropped from 7.3 in 2022 to 6.7 in 2023 due to a three-star driver front-impact score from the NHTSA and revised fuel economy requirements for 2023 models.

Although the Sienna lineup has some admirable features, like exceptional fuel economy and available all-wheel drive, it doesn't quite measure up to the 2023 Honda Odyssey. Additionally, the Sienna's infotainment system is outdated compared to its competition. The Woodland Special Edition does little to address these issues and seems more like a marketing gimmick than an actual improvement to the vehicle.


Hit: Sips gas

The Sienna Woodland has the same fuel economy ratings as the AWD Sienna, which are 35 mpg in the city, 36 highway, and 35 combined. In my real world test drive of 114 suburban miles, I saw an average of 29.2 mpg according to the onboard trip computer; this number improved to 33.4 after 502 highway miles. Not many other vehicles that don't have a plug and can seat up to 8 people can achieve these numbers in terms of fuel economy. Even with its higher ride height, it doesn't affectefficiency too much.

Miss: Lacks power

The Woodland Special Edition pairs a 2.5-liter inline-4 with an electric motor up front, like every other 2022 Sienna. A second electric motor in the rear creates all-wheel drive powertrain. The hybrid system comprises of 245 horsepower total--enough to get by but competitiveness lacks amongst minivans currently on the market. From 0 to 30 mph, however, the electric torque allows for a quick jump off the line that outshines its contemporaries.

accelerating onto the highway from 40 to 60 mph is a slow process that demands patience, which I have very little of according to others. Because the hybrid system lacks power and electric motor cannot make up for it at high speeds, making a passing maneuver on the highway necessitates planning ahead. To put it simply, this minivan cannot keep up with fast traffic.

Hit: Family-friendly interior

The Woodland Special Edition model comes standard with upholstery that looks similar to leather, but is actually a synthetic. This material is wipeable, and the seat backs feature a textured finish that makes the car more interesting.

The full-length center console up front is covered in silver plastic with a design etched into it. The material feels much more durable than the shiny piano black trim favored by other automakers, which scratches and smudges easily. The standard second-row captain’s chairs slide fore and aft, though they don’t tumble into the floor as in the Chrysler Pacifica.

Miss: Goes thunk

Every time I arrived home in my Sienna Woodland, there was an unsettling thunk that seemed to be coming from the back. Finally, after two days of putting up with this noise, I discovered that the source was actually the third-row seat which wasn't locking into place and instead bounced around whenever going over a speed bump or any type of bumps. disappointingly, This isn't just a problem for the Special Edition model--it's an issue for all Siennas.

Hit: Power ready

With seven USB ports, two 120-volt outlets, and one 12-volt outlet, the Sienna Woodland comes standard with all of the necessary charging ports for electronic devices. The HDMI port is also available as an option for the $1,415 rear seat entertainment system.

Miss: “Increased ground clearance”

The Sienna Woodland's ground clearance is 6.9 inches, which 0.6 higher than other Siennas at 6.3 inches . But Toyota neglects to mention the poorly integrated 1.25-inch tow receiver dangles down rather than being integrated into the rear end - an issue that Standard on the Woodland, fix with he extra 0.6 inches of ground clearance.. Without this additional inch ,the receiver can scrape as it hits the ground while pulling into some driveways or other inclines.

The price of the Sienna Woodland is only $45,350 which is practically the same as a XLE or XSE model from 2023. The difference being that it doesn't have an increased ride height. The color Cement, which was exclusive to the 2022 Woodland can now be found on other models of Siennas too. Toyota has said that they will continue to make the Special Edition model for 2023 Sienna's but it cannot be seen on their consumer website currently.